Friday Random 10 – favorite songs edition

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It’s FRIDAY! Let’s get it started, shall we? Time for another Friday Random 10.

1. Colours. Grouplove.
This has been on my current playlist and I like it a lot.

Video is kinda odd, though.
2. Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
This is one of my all time favorite songs. This song is the sound of my soul.

3.  Break my Body. Pixes.
I knew Pixies would play next. I just had a feeling. Love them lots.

4. Bone Machine. Pixies.
The shuffle feature on my Droid doesn’t work as well as my iPod. But that’s ok. ‘Cause I like song.

5. Soul Meets Body. Death Cab For Cutie.
The Droid is playing all of my favorite songs! Love love love this song.

6. Alright You Restless. Agesandages.
O.k. this is just weird. I knew something from this band would play next, too. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket today? Anyway. This band is excellent. I was introduced to them when I went to Live Wire in April. They are from Portland. I bought their album (same title as the song) and it is super good.

Also, want to be in a band like that.

7. Born Alone. Wilco.
I’ve been listening to this song a lot this Fall, too. Like it.

8.  Not Your Fault. AWOLNATION
Yay. l really like this song, too.

9.  Always Looking. Dum Dum Girls.
This is another really great recent find. The album was on sale at Amazon so I bought it and so don’t regret it at all. Really, really good.

10. Stay Young Go Dancing. Death Cab For Cutie.
aww. I love this song. It warms the deep cold recesses of my heart. so sweet.

Excellent FR10! So many great songs. Hopefully this is the sign of a good day.