to watermark or not to watermark?

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Photographers, what do you do? do you watermark all of your photos published on the internet? Every few months I read something like this and get a bit freaked out about people stealing my work for profit. And that doesn’t just include photography. It also includes writing. I would love to post fiction and poetry on this blog but am reluctant because of digital thievery (that’s a whole other can of worms, though).

So I come around to this question of whether I should watermark my images. On the one hand I dislike the way watermarks look. On the other hand, it might prevent others from using my stuff. Or will it?  Can people get around a watermark?

What do you think?

Running update

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Tickle Creek

It has been a couple of months since I’ve posted a running update, so I thought I’d post one today. It’s been going really well! I ditched the Couch to 5k plan because I was having technological issues. The Andriod app got updated and was completely messed up in the process. I decided to just start running 5k. So that’s what I’ve been doing the past few months, three times a week. I use Runkeeper to keep track of how far I run and I  LOVE it. I highly recommend it.

I’ve been running the Tickle Creek Trail in Sandy and I love it. The city finally finished the trail this past fall and it’s really nice.

When I can I like to do a trail run on the weekends and lately I’ve been going up to Wildwood Park in Welches. It’s my goto trail running spot. This summer I will run on some really great trails behind  Government Camp (they are currently being used for snowshoeing).

The have been having a difficult time motivating myself to run in the cold and dark. So  I haven’t. Wednesday mornings are the days when I have to deal with this. So I’ve been using the incline treadmill. Which completely sucks because it is a gnarly workout. I have to walk/run on that thing because I am not in good enough shape to run for any substantial distance. So maybe doing the treadmill is good for me. It’s a hard workout and it  will get me into shape if I am consistent. I just hate how boring treadmill running is.

Still struggling with plantar fascitis. I bought better shoes and that seems to help. I am also working on my form and trying to forefoot strike more. This helps tremendously. I also do yoga almost everyday which helps too.

I am going to increase my mileage soon. I want to wait until it warms up a bit more. My goal is to run 5 miles for my regular runs. I’ve decided that, eventually, I want to run a marathon. But first I want to develop the habit of running regularly. So this  year I will do that. Next year I will train for my first marathon.

My Favorite Small Town


Plinky asks: “what is my favorite small town.” My answer: The town in which I live: Sandy, Oregon! This is the smallest town I have ever lived in. At first it was very weird. In many ways, it still feels weird. I have always lived in largish cities and have enjoyed the ability to blend into the mass of people. It has taken some getting used to. But I really like it. I love the community and the people who live here.

The small-town feel was really magnified for me when I went to Brewgrass this past summer. Brewgrass was a Wednesday evening event held at the local park that featured bluegrass bands and local beer. Sandy has some really wonderful free events in the summer, concerts, movies, and art festival. Brewgrass was the first time I’d experienced one of these events. It was a blast! The best part about it was that I knew a lot of people there. They were all people from the community. It was like being at a really rad family reunion or something like that. I loved it.

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Friday Random 10

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Haven’t done this in awhile!

1. Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells.
Love this song! Great way to start a Friday.

2. Don’t leave me this way. Thelma Houston.
Old school disco. You know you love it.

3. Big. New Fast Automatic Daffodils.
Love this song! Haven’t heard it in years! One of my all time faves.

4. I’m lonely (but I ain’t that lonely yet). White Stripes.
Another one I haven’t heard in awhile.

5. Shadow stabbing. Cake.
I heart Cake.

6.5:15. The Who.
I have never heard this song.

7. Handlebars. Flobots.
Love this song! It reminds me of living in Spokane and of summer.

8. All these things that I’ve done. The Killers.
This is the only Killers song I really like but I really love this song. And I think this is one of the best music videos ever made.

9. One Chord Wonders. The Adverts.
That says it all.

10. Warsaw. Joy Division.
Yeah! What a great way to end this.

Happy Friday!