Cannonball Read IV Book 1: Vanishing Acts by Phillip Margolin and Ami Margolin Rome

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Vanishing Acts is the first novel in the new Madison Kincaid series. It takes place in Portland, which is fun for me since I live in the area.

“I think he’s hiding something. I just don’t know what it is. But there’s something he’s not telling me. “

And with those words from her lawyer father Madison Kincaid is intrigued. She is a budding detective and future lawyer. Her father is working on a case involving the possible murder of her 2nd grade teacher. Madison wants to help her dad solve the case. At the same time, her best friend is missing and she feels compelled to find her. Other things Madison is dealing with? Being bullied by her fellow soccer teammates AND a possible first boyfriend. All of this during her first few weeks as a 7th grader! Madison is a busy girl! But she is smart and doesn’t let anything stop her. I like her.

And I really like this book. The story moved along very well. The character development was good. Overall, it was very well written for a Juvenile Fiction book. Well written Juvenile Fiction books can be hard to come by so it’s always nice to find one. I thought this was a delightful mystery and would recommend it to kids in 5th-6th grade.