My Favorite Small Town


Plinky asks: “what is my favorite small town.” My answer: The town in which I live: Sandy, Oregon! This is the smallest town I have ever lived in. At first it was very weird. In many ways, it still feels weird. I have always lived in largish cities and have enjoyed the ability to blend into the mass of people. It has taken some getting used to. But I really like it. I love the community and the people who live here.

The small-town feel was really magnified for me when I went to Brewgrass this past summer. Brewgrass was a Wednesday evening event held at the local park that featured bluegrass bands and local beer. Sandy has some really wonderful free events in the summer, concerts, movies, and art festival. Brewgrass was the first time I’d experienced one of these events. It was a blast! The best part about it was that I knew a lot of people there. They were all people from the community. It was like being at a really rad family reunion or something like that. I loved it.

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