My favorite author

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Plinky asks a great question! Who are my all-time favorite authors? This is a hard question to answer as a lover of literature. However, when this is asked of me the one author that pops into my head is Edith Wharton. I love her. I love that she is  a subversive Jane Austen. Jane Austen writes about the middle class of England during the Victorian age. She, generally, paints a beautiful picture of it. Edith Wharton writes about the middle class in New York during the 1800s. She paints a pretty picture, too. At first. Then she reveals the dirty underbelly of it all. She appeals to the rebel in me. My favorite Edith Wharton novel is The House of Mirth.

Noodle Soup


I posted a photo on Instagram of a bowl of noodle soup that I made for dinner and was asked for the recipe. So I thought I would post it here. I found the original recipe at the blog, Where There’s a Vegan, There’s a Way and I didn’t really change it up that much so I won’t re-type it up here.  The only thing I do differently is add an inhuman amount of rooster sauce to both the soup and the seitan. It’s really yummy and you can find the ingredients in the health food section of you local grocery store.