The House I Grew Up In


In the four years I lived in Spokane (when I moved back as an adult) I only visited my childhood home once. Raf and I were shopping at Target in the Spokane Valley and we were looking for something to do so he said, “let’s go on a tour of Monica’s childhood.” So I drove him by the house I grew up in.

It’s weird to drive by this house. It evokes such strong memories. Good memories. Memories of snowball wars with the neighbor kids in the winter on one of many show closure days. Memories of playing “Marco Polo” with my brothers and sisters on warm summer evenings in the front yard. Memories of sleeping outside under the stars on those warm summer nights. There are so many good ones that it is hard to choose just one to write about. Right now I am thinking about the happy feelings that place evokes in me.

It has been a very, very long time since I have lived there. The baby tree that was planted in the front yard is now huge and shades the house. The house has been painted blue. The basketball hoop in the driveway is no longer there. It has been somebody else’s home for 35 years. Maybe lots of families have called that place home since I lived there.

A couple of years ago I found this website. you type in the address of your childhood home and the movie is built around that address. I thought of it as I was thinking about this topic, so I thought I would share. It’s kind of cool.

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