I got it for the camera


I recieved my new iPhone last night. I ordered it through the Apple store last Friday. Getting it activated was a total nightmare. I am still not sure what the problem was. Apple doesn’t really know and neither does Verizon. Verizon blamed it on Apple but Apple has no clue what they did. They both claim that they have never experienced this before (lucky me). What I do know is that I was on the phone with them both for three hours this morning. THREE HOURS. In the end I told the person who finally sorted it all out that I think I deserved a free camera case for my trouble. He put one in the mail right after our phone call. So that was very cool.

Regardless, I’m having a blast with the camera. It’s quite good! I’ll admit it, I bought the iPhone for the camera. There were other reasons, but the camera was a huge selling point.

Here is a shot of my makeshift meditation alter. I started using incense a couple of weeks ago during meditation and am really liking it lots. It helps keep me focused a bit more.