Friday Random 10

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This blog post was written first thing this morning while I was getting ready for work. I am just now adding the videos.
1. I’m on E. Blondie
The fast singing is doing nothing to get my brain going.

2. Saving me. Nickleback
Well this is embarrassing. How did Nickleback end up in my iTunes library? I think The Mister is the culprit.

In fact, when this was playing this morning he called out from the other room, “I thought you hated Nickelback?”

3. Even in his Youth. Nirvana
I am feeling very Kurt Cobain today so this is appropriate.

4. Twenty one. The cranberries.

5. Three Marlenas. The Wallflowers.

6. Tear you apart. She wants Revenge.
It’s a YA novel in a song.

7. Someday. The Strokes.
Always like hearing these guys.

8. Skeleton Boy. Friendly Fires.
This was a free video download from iTunes.

9. The Denial Twist. White Stripes

10. Up All Night. Unwritten Law.
I don’t why this on my iTunes either. Must be The Mister’s.

Happy Friday!