Yarn Crawl


I had a fabulous day today with Preita! We did the Rose City Yarn Crawl. This is an event that is held each year in Portland where participating yarn stores have special giveaways for four days. Knitters are supposed to visit as many shops as they can possibly visit. And spend money. Which is exactly what I did.

We hit a couple of our usual shops first, Yarn Garden and Happy Knits. Then we visited Yarnia, a really unique store that I have wanted to visit since I moved here. It’s funny, I always envisioned a huge warehouse for some reason but it was actually a really small shop. The unique thing about it is that the yarn is DIY. In other words, you pick out what you want in your yarn and they have a special machine that winds it all together into one cone of yarn. It’s really cool! I wanted to have them custom make some thing for me so I picked out some really pretty purple mohair and some bright orange yarn. I loved the finished product (see photo below). It created a laceweight yarn. I think I’m going to make a lace scarf with it. In fact, it will be my next project.

We hit a couple other stores that we hadn’t visited before but they weren’t any better than our favorite, Happy Knits. Regardless, I managed to spend lots of money. I bought all sorts of goodies. What the hell. It IS my birthday month, after all.