the 8:50 am project


I was prowling around on Flickr’s Holgaroid group (more on that later) and found this image. The image is cool, but, most importantly, I liked the idea underneath the image. This was the first I have heard of The Daily Shoot.  I was super stoked and then disappointed a few minutes later when I learned that the project died late last year. The idea that struck me was this:

set your alarm for a random time during the day. When the alarm goes off, grab your camera and take a picture.

I am assuming that this is one of the Daily Shoot assignments, but I like it as a project that continues daily. It reminds me of Auggie’s photography project in New York City from the film “Smoke.” In the film (which you should totally see) he has an album full of photographs that he took outside his smoke shop everyday at the same time for years and years. I’ve always been fascinated with that idea. I think I am going to try it. Starting today. I will use my iPhone since it’s with me in my pocket at all times. The cool thing is that I  am already using the iPhone Project 365 app which has a built-in alarm that goes off everyday to remind you to take a photo. So I am pretty much set! The time that I take a photo will be 8:50 am.  I am not sure that I will post all the photos on this blog. I do have a photography blog that I let die. Maybe I will post them there? Or on Flickr? Or both? hmm. I’ll fill in the details later. For now, here is today’s photo.