Wayback Wednesday


My little Crackers. She was the family dog when I was a kid. We got her when I was in kindergarten. I even named her! We were trying to figure out names for her when we brought her home, sitting at the dinner table. Me, being a silly little girl, was calling out foods that I saw on the table. “Crackers” popped in to my head and that name stuck. She was the best dog ever. Here she is on my messy bed when I was in 6th grade (or thereabouts).

My brother shared a great story about her when I posted this photo on Facebook. I hadn’t remembered it:

She was a good girl. Remember the time that she went missing for a few days because she tried to follow me on one of my late night bike rides to see a girl. I felt so bad, and then a couple mornings later there she was at the front door. She had found her way back home.