Portra 160


The next roll of film I tried in my new camera was Portra 160.  Wow. I really, really like this film. I am not sure why it is so different than the Portra 400, but I really like the subtle, almost dreamy tones. I took these photos during the Magic Hour so perhaps that made a difference? Though I took the Portra 400 photos during the Magic Hour, too. Regardless, I really enjoy this film and will use it again.

Wayback Wednesday


June of 1971, says the picture. I was 2 years old. The teddy bear belonged to my older brother. I remember loving that bear. I think I had to share it with my younger brother, and I didn’t like that at all. At first I wondered if this WAS a picture of my younger brother (we looked a lot alike when we were kids) but I’m pretty sure this is me. He wouldn’t have even been 1 in June of ’71. Also: tights and a dress.

I remember HATING wearing tights. I remember one day on a Sunday after church, laying on the floor of our house and thinking about how much I hated the feeling of the tights. I’m sure I was probably crying and maybe even throwing a fit but I don’t remember that part. I just remember the hate.

First photos with the Yashica Mat 124g


As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I received my new camera in the mail from KEH.com. As soon as I got home from work I loaded it up with film (Portra 400) and took it out to shoot a few pictures. Those first few shots didn’t come out exceptionally well, composition-wise. Here is one that I took the next day at the library:

Looking at these I realize that I need to be mindful of where the lens is located on this camera. It is the lower lens. The upper lens is the one used to compose the shot.

Later on that evening I took the camera to my favorite park.




Thoughts on Portra 400: I’m not sure I absolutely love it. The tones are certainly subdued, yes. At this point I love the Ektar over the Portra 400. Perhaps this film will find it’s place though. And maybe it was just because I was getting my feet wet with the camera. I have 5 more rolls of it to play with. We’ll see if I change my mind about it…

Saturday Market on a Sunday, and the 24 Hour Church Of Elvis


Today I scanned a TON of negatives. I thought I would tackle them on my blog in chronological order. We will start with these shots from my Holga, taken on May 6. Raf and I decided to go to Portland’s Saturday Market. He wanted to show me the 24 hour Church of Elvis. It’s this weird little art display wedged into a building. Coin operated. I have talked about it before.

After this bizarre interlude we wandered toward Waterfront Park, enjoying the (rare) sunny day.


I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of the ubiquitous White Stag sign.


Then we hit the market. I’d never been before. It is really very cool! I bought myself a handmade metal barrette. Raf bought a handmade leather wallet with a pentagram featured on the front of it. I also snapped some photos of the vendor’s wares.


It was a fun day! I used Ektar 100 for the first time and I have to say, I love the results. I will talk a bit more about the different films I have tried and what I think in later posts. this week I will share some of my Yashica shots. They turned out great! I’m a very happy girl.