Saturday Market on a Sunday, and the 24 Hour Church Of Elvis


Today I scanned a TON of negatives. I thought I would tackle them on my blog in chronological order. We will start with these shots from my Holga, taken on May 6. Raf and I decided to go to Portland’s Saturday Market. He wanted to show me the 24 hour Church of Elvis. It’s this weird little art display wedged into a building. Coin operated. I have talked about it before.

After this bizarre interlude we wandered toward Waterfront Park, enjoying the (rare) sunny day.


I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of the ubiquitous White Stag sign.


Then we hit the market. I’d never been before. It is really very cool! I bought myself a handmade metal barrette. Raf bought a handmade leather wallet with a pentagram featured on the front of it. I also snapped some photos of the vendor’s wares.


It was a fun day! I used Ektar 100 for the first time and I have to say, I love the results. I will talk a bit more about the different films I have tried and what I think in later posts. this week I will share some of my Yashica shots. They turned out great! I’m a very happy girl.