First photos with the Yashica Mat 124g


As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I received my new camera in the mail from As soon as I got home from work I loaded it up with film (Portra 400) and took it out to shoot a few pictures. Those first few shots didn’t come out exceptionally well, composition-wise. Here is one that I took the next day at the library:

Looking at these I realize that I need to be mindful of where the lens is located on this camera. It is the lower lens. The upper lens is the one used to compose the shot.

Later on that evening I took the camera to my favorite park.




Thoughts on Portra 400: I’m not sure I absolutely love it. The tones are certainly subdued, yes. At this point I love the Ektar over the Portra 400. Perhaps this film will find it’s place though. And maybe it was just because I was getting my feet wet with the camera. I have 5 more rolls of it to play with. We’ll see if I change my mind about it…