Describe the last time you got truly lost.


Sky Walker

I can’t recall having ever gotten truly lost, where I couldn’t at least intuit my way out of the situation. I know that there were times when I was a toddler and I would wander away from my mom at the grocery store. I still can hear my mom crying out my name in a frantic attempt to locate me. I don’t remember being lost though. I remember my mom’s fear.

I can easily conjure up the feeling one gets when they are lost. It is a hopeless panic. It is the feeling I have when I am experiencing depression. Perhaps the last time I was depressed was the last time I got really lost. It has been awhile, thank goodness. When I get this way I am able to, somehow, find my way out of that dark forest. It can be difficult to hear that still voice deep down underneath the terrible voice of self-loathing that is pervasive during these episodes. But I am so grateful for it. It always leads me to peace, if I am willing to listen and follow it.

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