Smoked Salmon


It’s funny how things work out sometimes in ways you don’t expect. Sometimes this happens in big ways and your whole life may change. Sometimes it happens in little ways and your day changes. Today I had the latter experience.

We decided to drive to Wahclella Falls on the Columbia Gorge for a short jaunt, just to get out the house. When we got there the parking lot was completely full and cars were lining the street outside the park. Ugh. We had completely forgotten that It was 4th of July weekend (essentially). We decided we needed to change plans and pulled into the nearby fish hatchery’s parking lot to consult the hiking book I brought: Curious Gorge (highly recommended btw). Instead of opting for another hike nearby we decided to explore our surroundings. I am so glad we did. Were there a ton of people and was I tempted to get irritated by them? Yes I was. Did I? No I didn’t. I made a choice not to and decided to go with the flow to see what the day would bring.

As we wandered around I was reminded of my Grandpa Ed and how much he loved to fish. He used to catch Rainbow Trout and would smoke them in the smokehouse behind my grandparent’s house. He built this smokehouse himself! I thought about how incredibly cool that is. I never appreciated it before now. The salmon that he smoked there was utterly, out-of-this-world amazing. I miss it. And I miss him, very much. It was really sweet to think about him today.

We found ourselves in the gift shop and I bought some smoked salmon. I am enjoying it right now as I type this. It is nowhere near as good as my Grandpa Ed’s. Doesn’t come close. But it will suffice.