Plinky Prompt: Before the Internet


My old Mac SE/30

Yes, I do remember the days before I got the internet at home. I am actually THAT old! I got the internet in my home when I was thirty. Before that I had to access it at school.

Before Internet I spent a lot of time with friends. I went out for coffee, I went out dancing, I went to shows. I was a very social person. I always liked to have something lined up almost every night of the week. This was before I met Raf. But even then, when we were dating we would go out every night. When I wasn't going out I watched television or read or played computer games on my Mac SE.

The thing that I notice about my life now is that I am much lazier about my social interactions. It is super easy to interact with other humans online so that is what I do. I think this has become commonplace. It's sad, frankly. I miss the in-person socializing that I used to do. Online socializing has caused us to create facades that are hard to read. When you meet someone in person you see the real person. I miss that.

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