Flickr Time Machine


It’s the Flickr Time Machine! This time we are going back to 2009. And it isn’t July 13th. It is July 14th. But check this out!! I STILL haven’t used this film. I don’t know why. I am afraid of it. I am afraid I will mess it up. SIGH.

I think this photo marks the beginning of my current interest in film photography. I found this old camera in my “things” and it piqued my curiosity. It was given to me when I was very young, I’m thinking 8 or 9 years old. My mom’s uncle gave it to me. I totally cherished it. It came in its original box which I stored with all my  favorite things. I would get it out and look at it every now and then. I found it again at my mom’s house when I lived in Spokane and it led to me going as far as buying film for it. I even did research to see if I could get it developed and that is how I discovered the existence of Blue Moon Camera And Machine! It turns out (and I had NO IDEA at the time) that in 2012 I would spend lots of money there getting medium format film developed.

Speaking of which, I have a crap-ton of film in the mail to me (from Blue Moon!). I will scan it as soon as it arrives. Probably tomorrow.

Also: Look at that! I bought Portra 160! I  SO fucking need to shoot that roll  of film already!!

And: Look! I blogged about it way back when!