The pond at Wildwood Park


OK, so I am totally procrastinating the boring 6 hour drive to Spokane right now. My kid brother is getting married tomorrow. I am excited to see my family but not at all excited for the drive. If you have never driven through Eastern Washington you don’t know how horrid it is. It is hours and hours of nothing but bare desert.

So, instead, I am scanning more negatives. Here is a picture I made at Wildwood Park in Welches, Oregon using my Yashica Mat and Ektar 100 film. I also used Adobe Lightroom to process it bit. I am using a trial version of Lightroom because the software I use, Bibble, has been bought by Corel and they want to charge me, yet again, to upgrade. I figure if I am going to shell out the cash for upgrades I might as well get Lightroom since it is the industry standard. And, in fact, it is far superior to Bibble. I don’t know why I waited so long. I will be purchasing it when my trial is over.