A wedding is a good reason for us to get together


I finally stepped away from my scanner and Raf and I made the drive to Spokane for my brother’s wedding. My sister is here from Alaska and my niece is visiting from Minnesota and it is fantastic to see them, and on such a happy occasion.

The wedding was really nice. My niece asked, “does anyone else cry at weddings?” while we were waiting for the ceremony to start and I responded, “no not at all.” I can’t recall a single time I have ever cried at a wedding.

I lasted maybe two seconds. I had tears streaming down my face when my brother walked my mom out and they pretty much kept coming. Apparently, for my little brother’s wedding I will cry. I kept thinking about how I wished his dad were alive to be there but I know he was there in spirit, as cliche as that sounds.

I brought my Yashica and tried taking portraits, a new thing for me. I would like to do more of it. I ran through a couple of rolls of Tri-x. I also answered lots of questions about my camera. I think it blew a lot of peoples’ minds that I was using film, let alone a tlr.

Here is an iPhone shot of my family.