black and white foliage


This was taken with my Pentax P30t with Ektar 100. I took it way back in May when I took this one. I thought I would play around with Lightroom a bit so I changed it to black and white. I don’t know how kosher that is when one uses a film known specifically for it’s saturation but whatev. Here is the original. What do you think? Black and white or color?

4 thoughts on “black and white foliage

  1. Nice picture! It’s almost ethereal. In comparing the original to the B&W, i’d have to say, I like the B&W more. Of course, I am a bit partial to B&W. My reasoning though is this; the original is practically duotone itself. There’s not much variation to the green color and the branches are, essentially, black. While the original is also a nice picture, I think the ethereal feel comes out more in B&W. Many, many color photos can actually improve if they were converted to black and white. Sometimes, the color gets in the way of what the picture is really about.


    1. I totally agree. In fact, yesterday I was reading a book about square format and the writer made the same point regarding black and white. It has me thinking…


      1. I think that’s why I like B&W more. It forces me to take a better photo. With today’s cameras and software available, nearly anyone can take a ‘beautiful’ picture. But not all of those photographers can take a beautiful B&W picture. Sometimes, color can be used to make a subject stand out more. The trick, or skill, is to make a subject stand out when color cannot be utilized. Then you’re left with lens selection, depth-of-field, light, and composition to bring out the subject or mood.


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