THE bottle


Before I go into the story behind this post, I want to mention I am going to Paris tomorrow. Yes! That’s right. Paris. I am SUPER excited. This is my first real trip outside of the United States (aside from British Columbia) so I am also a little nervous. I am going to try to blog about my trip daily. So stay tuned for fun Paris dispatches from yours truly!

OK. THE bottle. During my little brother’s reception speeches my oldest brother walked up to the front with a champagne bottle and a story. The bottle, the story goes, was saved from my Grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary. My uncle, who is living in the old Schneberger homestead, found it a few years ago and decided to bring it to Patrick’s wedding. He couldn’t stick around for the Grand Bottle Opening but I was able to get some classy black and white photos of the event.

Ben and Pet open the bottle!

Lacie, Pat, and Ben after opening THE bottle

Lacie, Pat, and Ben stand still long enough for me to take a photo with my antique camera (it took lots of patience on their part).

THE bottle

THE bottle, all empty.