Share your mother’s advice.

my mom and me

Me and my beautiful mom.

Behold! Another blog post idea gleaned from Big Huge Thesaurus. Share your mother’s advice. What a great idea for a blog post!

Over the years my mom has been THE person I go to for advice. Always. I have always been able to count on her wisdom. The little gem of wisdom that pops into my head at the moment was handed out on my fortieth birthday. It wasn’t advice, necessarily.  Just a really great nugget of wisdom that has totally stuck with me and that I have lived by these past few years.

Admittedly, I was a little depressed about turning 40. It’s a weird age to be. You are well “over the hill” at forty. Like, waay over the hill. When you are in your thirties you still matter in this culture, especially as a woman. But when you turn forty you no longer matter. So it’s a weird age to be. I talked about this weird feeling with my mom on my birthday and the thing she simply said to me was, “Moni, you are in the prime of you life.” So I have taken that little piece of information and made it my mantra while being in my forties (which I am well into at this point in time).

I am in the prime of my life.