Oregon City



Raf and I have decided to, everyday, try at least one new thing. Today we are trying two new things. We are trying a new recipe (vegetarian Mac-n-cheese) AND we checked out Oregon City, a place we have never been.

We started with a walk from the book, Portland City Walks. We hit a snag, though, when the bridge crossing the Willamette was closed. Bummer! we wandered around town and had fun, anyway. We found a fun consignment shop that had loads of old cameras. I was more than tempted to buy one!

When we were ready to head back to the car we discovered that they have a really cool “Municipal Elevator” that gives tired people a lift up to the bluff (where we parked). The photo above is the view from the top. From there we discovered that there was a Willamette Falls and followed the signs to find this:


It was weird walking to this place. It felt like daja-vu. I felt like I had dreamt this before.