In which I lay out a plan for the rest of the year


If you have been reading this blog for the past year you know that I have been attempting to post something everyday. I’ve enjoyed this daily practice of checking in with the blog everyday. However, it’s getting difficult to find things to blog about. In order to help me stay motivated I am going to try to adhere to the following schedule:

Sunday: Hmm. A photo maybe? A post about running? Let’s call it “Random Sunday.”
Monday: Weekend adventures, In which I tell you about the exciting things I have done the past weekend (Weekend for me = Sunday and Monday).
Tuesday: Writing prompt Thursday, in which I spew my guts on the computer screen.
Wednesday: Wayback Wednesday, in which I post an old photo and reminisce about it.
Thursday: The day after my Sangha meeting is always filled with deep thoughts. Let’s use this day for these types of things. Or, if I’m not feeling the deep thoughts, a  Flickr Time Machine post.
Friday: Photography Friday. Sometimes everyday is Photography Friday
Saturday: Six word Saturday, in which I condense my thoughts/day/life down into six words.

Some of it I’ve been doing for awhile, some of it will be fairly new, or at least more structured.

So there we go! All orderly and nice.