“The whole idea of being at peace just pisses her off. At peace. Who but the insane would ever be at peace? What person who has enjoyed life could possibly think that one is enough? Who could live even a day and not feel the sweet ache of regret?” – Jess Walter, Beautiful Ruins

Regret is something has crossed my mind a lot lately. This idea of “living life with no regrets.” I often wonder if, at the end of my life, I will have regrets. The answer is “yes.” I probably will. There is a lot of pressure infused into this “no regrets” philosophy. On the other hand, I can understand the desire to accomplish all that one wants to accomplish. There is this one chance to do it, so just do it.

Or I could give up on all of that and just deal with what is right in front of my face, good or bad.

I am reading Beautiful Ruins right now and really loved this quote. It, in a way, gives some perspective on this uneasiness I have with the “no regrets” philosophy.

On regret