Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal



The Weekly Photo Challenge at WordPress is Renewal. I thought about posting a more traditional vision of renewal (which, to me, is springtime). I have lots of photos that would work. However, I decided to choose the photo above. On the surface it looks nothing like renewal, however when I look at it that is exactly what I think about.  This photo represents the renewal of my heart and soul over the past year.

This photo was taken exactly one year ago today. I was going through a terrible, scary depression (I wrote about it here). It was the darkest, lowest point in my life. I felt like I fell into a hole and I couldn’t climb out of it. This photo represents the state I was in. Dark, dead, and black and white.

But this past year has been amazing. Personal relationships are better than they have ever been  and I feel like a better, much happier person. I feel like my soul has grown. I feel stronger. A year ago I went through a winter, but this past year has been a springtime.

I am looking forward to summer.