Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain


Continuing my scanning spree, here is a photo I took hiking Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain. As you can see, it was a beautiful, clear day and we got a fantastic view of Mt. Hood. It was the first time I had been on this hike. Really fun! I learned a few things on this hike. First of all, I learned that 7 miles is the perfect distance for a day hike for me. I like it because you are not spending an entire day hiking, thus, I can still get stuff done. The bonus is that I am not dead tired the next day. The other thing is that Raf invented the most fantastic hiking beverage. It is a mix of water, coconut water, and a splash of lemon juice (no sugar or sweetener!) We may have also added a few chia seeds. It was the perfect drink for a hot hiking day. The lemon slaked our thirst and prevented us from drinking our water too fast. Coconut water replenises electrolytes.

This was made with my Yashica Mat 124g and Portra 160.