Running Update

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An instagram photo I took Wednesday morning during my run.

I reached a milestone today! I ran 6 miles, the farthest I have ever run (not including Bloomsday). I thought I should mark this momentous occasion with a blog post.

I have fallen into a nice routine. I run at dawn on Wednesdays, which is a short-run day (3 miles). Fridays I run a little farther – around 4 miles. Sundays are my long running days; the day I work on distance. I’ve been adding 5 minutes each week to my longer runs (adding minutes works best for me, psychologically). Mondays I run 3 miles. Four days of running a week.

I have been debating whether I should keep going and train for a half marathon or if I should embrace the 10k and focus on some shorter races this year, focusing on a half marathon next year. Any runners out there have thoughts on this?

Finally, here is a really inspiring video that was shared on Facebook. Grab some Kleenex before you watch it.