me in a year

Me in one year

Me in one year

For some inexplicable reason I thought it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison from a portrait taken one year ago with one taken today. A year ago I brought my camera to my after school Vista program and let the kids play  around with it. One of the kids, Angel, is a natural and he took this portrait of me which I think is rather good!

In December of last year I just had my haircut really short for the last time. Around the first of december I decided to grow it out long. Since then, I have only had a few haircuts and it is now  shoulder length. Also, sometime around last summer I started using henna which has turned it red and made it considerably darker.

Oh, and I’ve aged. That’s the depressing thing about doing these sorts of self portrait projects. The whole aging thing. But the good news is that I learned to use the “Skin Softening” brush in Lightroom. so there’s that.