Wayback Wednesday

Halloween when I was 5.

My little brother on the left, and our best friend, Gary, on the right.

Yes, I am back after a small hiatus. I have missed my Wayback Wednesday posts. I have been going through my mom’s old photo albums, starting with the oldest ones, and scanning those that capture my attention. It looks like we have now entered the cusp of my awkward years. This is the year I was in First Grade and I have just gotten my glasses. Also, my mom chopped off my long hair but you can’t tell in the photo. ┬áThese glasses (and I still actually have them) were THICK. Because I had terrible eyesight. One of my eyes was lazy and I was far sighted to boot. I have no idea how I maneuvered around in the world before glasses. I must have bumped into a lot of things. I don’t wear them anymore because my eyes corrected themselves by the time I was in sixth grade. Though, as I get older I am feeling more and like I need them again.

Also, we lived across the street from horses! I loved those horses. I used to go over to the fence, where they would visit and I would pet their noses and feed them grass that I pulled from the side the of the road. They were very sweet horses. The last time I drove down my old street houses had been built on that lot.