Tell me how you felt about math

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I am the most right-brained person you will ever meet. I think in metaphors and pictures. I feel.  I perceive. I don’t think. This is how I navigate the world around me. This is how it has always been and how it will always be forevermore.

Imagine a person like me in math. It was a complete joke. I failed miserably in every math class I took in high-school. I didn’t get it and just gave up.

I went to college a few years later, after my years of being a nanny, and guess what? I had to go face to face with that old demon again. But this time around I was ready for the challenge. I worked very hard, spent all day sometimes on my homework, but I applied myself. It could be very frustrating at times but I kept at it until I got it right. I actually began to like algebra. It was refreshing, actually, to know that there was only one right answer to a problem. And if you followed the logical steps you would get the answer. What a concept! Miracle of miracles, I ended up with the highest grade in my algebra class! The same thing happened in my statistics class.

Please don’t ask me a math question though. All of that knowledge somehow found its way out of my brain cells. BUT it was good to learn that lesson: if you apply yourself you will learn it. You just will. It’s a law of the universe.