You can’t hold back the sunrise.


You can't hold the sunrise back
I mentioned that a couple of photos from my film swap with Mr. AwareoftheVoid really stand out for me. I wanted them to have their own blog post. This is one of them. I feel like it doesn’t need a blathery exposition because it kind of speaks for itself. And maybe I should just shut up and let the photo do the talking. However…

A little while before Brendan sent these to me I got the call from my mom telling me that my uncle was actively dying. When she told me it felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I honestly didn’t think he would die so quickly. He only found out two weeks ago that he had lung cancer. I honestly thought that I would have time to go back home to say goodbye. But, apparently, life doesn’t work that way. I was in shock. As I was looking at the photos, in shock, this particular one jumped out for obvious reasons. I love how the sunrise is bleeding through the gate, like it refuses to be held back. What a beautiful metaphor.

The lock part of the photo was taken on the Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon and the Sunrise was taken by Brendan in Dublin.