Fun with a cardboard camera


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Over the weekend I was doing some spring cleaning. It was with great delight that I found this. If you didn’t click that link, what you missed was a photo of a pinhole camera kit. My husband bought it for me 3 or 4 years ago. I remember looking through the instructions at the time and being completely overwhelmed by them and so it was shoved into the closet. But I found it! And I am no longer as overwhelmed.

I assembled the camera yesterday and took it out for a spin. I decided I wanted to take it up into the forest, to the Salmon River to get some blurry water shots. However, it was raining very hard. Heavy rain and cardboard are not a good combo. Also, I wound the film the wrong way the entire time I thought I was shooting. So, essentially, I wasn’t winding the film at all. I was just exposing over and over on the same spot. I got ┬áhome and realized this after I opened the camera, exposing everything. I was frustrated and tossed the whole roll out of frustration (I now realize I probably could have salvaged it somewhat. oh well.)

Attempt number 2 took me to my apartment’s parking lot and then down to the park where I witnessed our chief of police on a foot chase with a local criminal. She chased him into the woods and then caught and arrested him and I continued on my merry way. I wasn’t afraid because I had my weapon of choice: my tripod.

I am looking forward to playing with this more! I can see the creative potential here. I am signed up for a pinhole photography class in June at Newspace. The teacher does some amazing work and I am looking forward to learning from him.