Flickr changed their website, as you are well aware of by now. As soon as I opened the front page I was completely revolted by the way it looked. But I decided to sit with it for a few days and let it all sink in.

After letting it sink it I am still revolted by it. I used to love to browse around and get inspired. Now it all just looks ugly. I open up the home page and my stomach turns.

Admittedly, I have realized that Flickr’s been dying a slow death several years. But I’ve held on, mostly because it has been a way for me to back up my photos. It will continue to serve that purpose. But I am not sure if it will continue to be a place where I will spend much time browsing and getting inspired.

That makes me sad. I’ve been a loyal Flickr user since 2005.  I feel like this might be the end. And that makes me sad.

Today I signed up at 500px and I like it. I might hang around there for awhile. My username over there is monismith if you want to hang out with me over there.


Wayback Wednesday



I mentioned Ben Chainey last week when I was talking about my Great Grandma Laura. Here is a photo of him. He is my Great-Great Grandfather. I see my older brother and my niece in his face.

I also think he has the kindest eyes. Just looking at this picture, I can tell he was a good soul. I wish I could meet him.

He owned a shop in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho way back in the olden days when the town was first starting out.

I have something that was his. An old button tin. It originally was a cigar tin that belong to Ben Chainey. Eventually it turned into a button tin used by my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, and now me. It is probably the oldest thing I own.

A little something I’ve been doing


Inpired by Cesar Kuriyama’s project sometime at the end of last year, I thought I would try this myself in 2013. I started the last week of 2012 and have been doing this on my iPhone everyday since. There have been a few days when I’ve forgotten to record a video so instead I substitute a photo from the day.

The project has become too unruly for my iPhone so today I uploaded what I have to Youtube and will start saving the videos on my computer.

So, for your enjoyment, I present One Second Everyday in 2013 (so far).

My Grandfather’s Camera


I mentioned that I inherited several cameras last month from my Grandparent’s house. I’ve been having a blast playing with them!

There are a couple that I am especially happy about. One of them is my Grandpa Ed’s Honeywell Pentax.

When I got the camera it had film in it. I was very excited to discover this. Unfortunately I discovered this when I opened the back, exposing all of the lost cherished memories. I decided to finish off the roll anyway but I didn’t know how to use the camera and made really odd exposures so nothing turned out on the roll at all. I got to endure the ridicule of the Walgreens “Photo Expert.” So that was fun.

However, when I fall down I pick myself back up and try again. I loaded it up with cheap drugstore Fuji Film, and armed with knowledge gleaned from the operating manual, I was off and running!

I brought it to work and shot the entire roll on my walk home in the evening, finishing it off with a slightly-drunken evening stroll with the Mr. later on. Dropped it off at Walgreens and an hour later I had the results.
spring is an explosion of pink

The old car dealership

Inside the old car dealership

spring is an explosion of pink

omygoodness I am very happy. I think my grandfather’s camera and I will get along just fine.

More International film swap fun (and a discussion about photo manipulation)


The International Film Swap with Brendan continues (as I previously mentioned)! Hooray! I am really enjoying these collaborations.  Here are my favorites from this round (Click on a photo to start the slide show).

My shots were taken in Santa Cruz & San Francisco. His were taken at the Grand Canal in Dublin, Ireland. Again. if you are interested in participating get in touch with him! It’s fun and easy. Just shoot a roll of film & pop it in the mail. I am also down, too, if you are interested in sending film my way. I am in possession of a film leader retrieval tool so I am able to expose over your roll of film if you are so inclined. Just let me know by leaving a comment on this post.

OK. Now for a bit of a rant discussion about some questions that have been raised about this project. Feel free to stop here and enjoy the photos or click “Continue Reading” to read the rest of the post.