Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Look Up

Look Up

Friday’s post was reserved for my anniversary so I didn’t get a chance to post something for the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is fleeting.

This is something that I am fascinated by. I study Zen Buddhism and this is a topic that is at the forefront of the philosophy. The idea that one is reborn each moment. That each moment is a lifetime in and of itself. I am not the same person I was when I walked into this room before I sat down in the chair to write this post. Each moment is impermanent. Everything is. Everything is fleeting. There is something very refreshing in this thought, if you can get past the terrifying nature of it on the surface.

Pinhole photography is making me think about these kinds of things – this idea of the fleeting moment. I am not sure why. I think that it might be moments are stretched out in this kind of photography. Moments are not seconds, or even fractions of a second. The moments that are captured are long and drawn out – sometimes several minutes long. The photo above was exposed for 5 seconds. The tree branches are blurry because the wind is blowing them around and they take on a shape that is completely different from what I recognize them as. What does this say about time? what does it say about perception? What does it say about moments? I don’t know.