Pinhole Obscura



I mentioned (in passing) a few posts ago that I wanted to take pinhole photos of places I’ve visited in Atlas Obscura. Well. That idea has since gone a bit off the deep end. It occured to me that this might be a good idea for a community blog since the atlas catalogs locations around the world. So I asked a few of my friends if they wanted to participate and they thought it was a great idea. And with that, I present to you A pinhole photography blog about interesting places featuring the pinhole photography of yours truly, and my friends Inge and Brendan. We have a few people who are interested in guest submissions as well. If you are interested in submitting something let me know.  Please subscribe! It’s going to be a lot of fun. We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter.

Alone in the poetry section of Powells.


alone in the poetry section at Powells.

A couple of Monday’s ago I enjoyed a wonderful morning at Powell’s in downtown Portland. If you don’t know what Powell’s is, well, I will tell you. It is Book Lover’s Mecca. This particular site is called Powell’s City Of Books, and for good reason. You could literally get lost in here. I am not even kidding. I have actually gotten lost in this book store. It occupies an entire city block.

I have visited this shop many, many times and now know my way around very well. I have many favorite places here. One of them is the poetry section. On this particular Monday this is where I found myself, alone with Walt Whitman, contemplating Leaves of Grass. I spent a good twenty minutes with old Walt and then turned slightly to my left and thought, “I should snap a photo.” So I did.

Imagine my surprise/shock/delight when, 4 days later,  I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and  Amanda Palmer‘s photo of this exact spot popped up on my feed.

She was doing a “Ninja Meetup” at Powells! In my spot! In front of the books I was looking at days before!

Weird and random.


One of the laws of the universe is that all library holds come at the same time. This is what arrived for me today at my own library. I am also working slowly through four books. I am also feeling a need to do some creative writing and just general de-cluttering of the brain.

When I was writing the “Choose Love” post I took the opportunity to read though some of the post that I wrote when I was doing my media fast last year. It’s kind of interesting to revisit that experiment. It was great experience and I want to do it again. So I am. Starting tomorrow.

I’ll see you in a week!