Pinhole Obscura

I mentioned (in passing) a few posts ago that I wanted to take pinhole photos of places I’ve visited in Atlas Obscura. Well. That idea has since gone a bit off the deep end. It occured to me that this might be a good idea for a community blog since the atlas catalogs locations around […]

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I return with a song

The past few days have been extraordinarily productive but who am I kidding. I’ve missed my blog. So I am back with a song I’ve been recently enjoying. This Disorder by The Features (omg I used to have a BMW exactly like the one at the beginning of this video. I miss it.)

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The smell of film developing chemicals makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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One of the laws of the universe is that all library holds come at the same time. This is what arrived for me today at my own library. I am also working slowly through four books. I am also feeling a need to do some creative writing and just general de-cluttering of the brain. When […]

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