Alone in the poetry section of Powells.


alone in the poetry section at Powells.

A couple of Monday’s ago I enjoyed a wonderful morning at Powell’s in downtown Portland. If you don’t know what Powell’s is, well, I will tell you. It is Book Lover’s Mecca. This particular site is called Powell’s City Of Books, and for good reason. You could literally get lost in here. I am not even kidding. I have actually gotten lost in this book store. It occupies an entire city block.

I have visited this shop many, many times and now know my way around very well. I have many favorite places here. One of them is the poetry section. On this particular Monday this is where I found myself, alone with Walt Whitman, contemplating Leaves of Grass. I spent a good twenty minutes with old Walt and then turned slightly to my left and thought, “I should snap a photo.” So I did.

Imagine my surprise/shock/delight when, 4 days later,  I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and  Amanda Palmer‘s photo of this exact spot popped up on my feed.

She was doing a “Ninja Meetup” at Powells! In my spot! In front of the books I was looking at days before!

Weird and random.