Christ, Mohamed, Buddha.

Christ is the one who saved me From myself But not from his followers. Mohamed came to me once In a Denny’s late at night And made me question The existence of Christ. Buddha arrived During the time of grieving And invited me in With a gentle voice That told me to Sit down Shut […]

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Post Alley

I didn’t want more than a week to go by before I posted on my blog again. And here I promised a health update on Sundays! ugh. I have a lot to write about but am lacking motivation at the moment. My mind has been been really focused on photography lately. Here is a photo […]

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My once-a-week health check-in

I was having a Facebook conversation with a dear friend of mine (Hi Rachel!) about re-committing to eating vegan. I haven’t been doing so well in this arena. I haven’t even been eating vegetarian! So this is my way of making sure I am being true to myself – blogging once a week about my […]

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