One second every day in 2013


Here it is. One year in the making. My year in one second a day.

I really enjoyed doing this and will continue in 2014!

I had some questions about how I did this.

I was originally inspired by Cesar Kuriyama’s project. He created a Kickstarter for an app that he made for this which I bought but never really liked using. His app is called 1 second everyday and I might try it again for 2014. When I first downloaded it I felt like it was too buggy and I had a nice workflow going that worked for me.

I used my iPhone for this entire project. I simply videoed something for a few seconds everyday. It was kind of a gamble because sometimes more exciting things would happen later or I would forget to video the more exciting things earlier in the day so I would have to do something else. But really it was as simple as that. Of course there were days that I forgot to video something. On those days I substituted a photo that I took. I take at least one photo a day on my iPhone so that was an easy fix for missing my video of the day.

Until it got too unruly for my phone. Too many videos.

So I used iMovie on my phone to create monthly videos. Every few days I would edit down clips to 1 second in iMovie and import them. At the end of the month I saved the file to my photos and then save it on my computer which I would then import into iMovie on my iMac.  My iMac had a movie project for this and I would simply add my monthly movie to the project. It didn’t take that much time at all because all of the editing was done as I went along.

I hope this process makes sense. If  you have any questions about it let me know!