Postcard Swap – Round 2!


With the help of Alex of, we now have an organized way of doing postcard swaps! I have been introduced to Elfster, a really cool gift exchange website that will work very well for our purposes.

We are exchanging postcard sized prints that you either print traditionally in a darkroom, or that you print on an inkjet printer. The exchange will happen once a month and you’ll (hopefully) be assigned a different exchange each time. Each month’s exchange will need to be set up separately so you’ll have an option each time.

Prints should be your own original photography. Make sure your postcard is standard: rectangular and no more than 4 inches (10 cm) high and 6 inches (15.24) long.

If you are interested in participating sign up here!

The deadline is January 14th. You will be matched up with somebody on the 15th. Send your card to your person before the end of the month.