Raspberries in the garden on a hot summer day


I downloaded WordPress’s free e-book 365 writing prompts and thought it would be fun to blog some of the things that I write from that book. Here is the entry for Jan 18th. 

Free Association:
Write down the first words that come to mind when we say ….home…soil…rain. Use those words in the title of your post.

The first thing that comes  to mind was my dad’s garden at my childhood home. In my mind this garden was huge because I was a small child when I lived there. My three siblings and I were enlisted to work in it over the summer pulling weeds. I didn’t like the work and complained, as children do. But I have very strong memories of that soil, digging in it, running my hands through it.

Rain played no part in this, unfortunately. The Pacific Northwest is infamous for it’s rain. However there is also high desert in the Pacific Northwest on the Eastern part of Washington and Oregon. This is where I grew up. Summers were hot and very dry. The soil was dry and we spent a good deal of time using sprinklers (which I also remember running through to cool off).

For some reason this particular moment stands out from all of the others. I think about it all the time:
I am 6 or 7 years old. It is a hot summer day and I am alone in the garden. I am standing in the raspberry bushes and I am eating every raspberry that I can find on the bush and enjoying them immensely. It wasn’t just the raspberries though. It was enjoying the solitude. I am not sure if anyone even knew where I was. I might have been hiding. I think I liked that I could hide away in the raspberry bush and enjoy eating them in complete solitude for a moment. I had this place to myself and I was happy.