Roll 9 – in which I find courage


I have a new post up on 52 rolls! This one is kinda special. My first portrait of a stranger. I am generally very shy. I am really proud of myself, that I found the courage to ask someone if I could take their portrait.

52 rolls

When I woke up on Sunday morning it was a beautiful day. My original plan for the day was to do housework, but I couldn’t waste the sunshine on housework. I needed to get out there with my camera.

I polled Twitter for which camera I should take, my Yashica Mat or my pinhole camera? The resounding answer was the Yashica Mat! Seriously. Hands down the winner. Nobody at all suggested the pinhole camera. So my choice had to be the Yashica Mat. And the the pinhole camera (My heart was set on the pinhole camera, dammit).

I packed them both in my purse and off I went. My gut lead me back to Oregon City. I’d posted about an odd elevator there the day before on Pinhole Obscura and wanted to revisit this place.

I wandered around the city, looking for something that I never really found. I felt…

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