Roll 10 – Cheap Thrills in Portland Oregon


Hey There! I have a new post up on 52 rolls. I had fun playing with an old, cheap, Goodwil camera over the weekend.

52 rolls

On my walk home from work on Thursday I wandered into the Goodwill and headed to the back of the store where they keep the old film cameras. Every once in a while I like to drop in to see what’s there. This time I found an Olympus Accura Zoom XB 700. I polled Twitter really quick to see what the hive mind thought and didn’t get a very definitive answer. I decided to buy it since it was cheap. For cheap thrills.

I am wanting to by an Olympus XA so the brand name is totally on my radar and is jumping out at me wherever I go. Funny how that happens.

I decided to take the camera out with me on some errands in Portland. My husband had the PraKtica. We ended up at Pittock Mansion.

I kind of had fun using it. Though I didn’t…

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