Roll 11 – anachronistic pinhole


My latest is up on 52 rolls! Lots and lots (and lots) of pinhole!

52 rolls

I usually have at least two rolls going at one time: a roll of pinhole and a roll in another camera (like my Yashica or another 35mm camera in my collection). I don’t like having more than that going at a given time because I don’t like complicating things. But a roll of pinhole in addition to another active roll is reasonable for me.

Because I am so selective with my pinhole shots it takes me much longer to get through a roll. I started this roll in January and ended it the last week in February. Actually, to be totally honest, this is two rolls. I like to save up a couple of rolls to take in to get developed.

Sooo, with that preamble I give you my latest roll(s).

A fun, ego-boosting side note: 4 of these have made Flickr Explore in the past few days. I have…

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