Roll 12 – my foray into large format pinhole photography


My latest up on 52 rolls.

52 rolls

For some insane reason I have had this bug to do large format pinhole photography and have been shopping around for cameras. I have also been interested in zone plate photography so, hands down, the Zero 45 won the in the “WANT” department. So when I came upon some extra cash I bought it! It was a birthday present to myself.

Since my Zero 2000 has the same wide angle as the Zero 45 without an extension frame I added one to my setup. I thought it would be nice to mix things up a little bit and have options.

My very generous friend Jeff sent me an amazingly awesome magazine contraption that holds six sheets of film! And I received a pack of Arista 100 for my birthday. So I was set!

I spent the week trying out all of the various settings. I shot a couple with…

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