Zigzag Falls – a look back to WPPD 2013


Here is my latest post on Pinhole Obscura (been a long time)..

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Pinhole Obscura

In less than one week  I will board a plane for Amsterdam where, the following Sunday, I will hang out with the rest of the gang from Pinhole Obscura for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. To say I am excited is an understatement. This will be the first time meeting my friends in real life, and hopefully it will be the first of many times we are able to get together to play pinhole. We will feature a post on this blog sometime in May with pinhole photos from the day, so keep an eye out for  that!

I thought it might be fun to write a post about my entry for WPPD last year. A few weeks before WPPD I found a pinhole camera kit I had stored in my closet for years. I looked through the kit many times in the past but always became overwhelmed by the instructions and…

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A letter to my grandmother found in her desk. A Pantoum.


My colleague has encouraged me to read this poem at our library’s poetry slam tomorrow evening. I am very nervous. It is the first time I have shared my poetry in a public, real life, setting. I thought I would record myself reading it as a warm up.

You can read the poem here.



One of my favorite patrons came into the library yesterday. He is paralyzed from waist down and can only say a few phrases. His brain, otherwise, works fine and he understands everything we say to him. He is a brilliant man and his reference questions are quite challenging. I have had to learn how to do Reference by telepathy with him. I am not even kidding about this. Often when I help him with a question I am reading his mind. I have grown to really like this man and and am always happy to see him when he comes to the library.

When he was leaving yesterday he stopped by my desk to say hello. He asked (one of the few phrases he can say) “How are you?” I responded, “Well, I have a little cold and I’m not feeling super great.” He kind of looked at me and said one of the other things he says, “That’s all.”

It was like a bolt of lightening hit me. Here is this amazing person getting along in the world having gone through what his has gone through and I’m complaining about having a cold. That’s all, indeed.