WPPD in Amsterdam


My latest post on Pinhole Obscura! In which I show you pinhole photos from my trip to Amsterdam on WPPD. Someday soon I will use actual words to write a real blog post about my amazing time there. For now, it’s pictures..

Pinhole Obscura

So! Amsterdam! The four of us actually met each other in person and had a really fun time shooting pinholes, as well as chatting, eating, drinking, and hanging out. If you visit our “About” page you will see a new pinhole group shot of us in Rotterdam where Inge and her husband showed us around her wonderful city. We got to see the Cube Houses in person!! I am not sure how to begin to write about how amazing my experience was there. So I think I will just show you the pictures. Here is a gallery of shots I took on World Pinhole Day. Click through to see more details.

These were all shot with a Zero 2000 and Ektar 100.

Check out Alex’s great write-up of the day on his blog, Pinholista!

You can also see some of the WPPD submissions for our group…

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