Amsterdam: Day three (the day we spent in Rotterdam)

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We decided to take a day trip to Rotterdam on the third day of our trip. It was King’s day and things were a bit crazy in Amsterdam so we escaped the crazy for the day to Inge’s home town. ┬áHaving gone through the nervousness of meeting Brendan and Jeff in person the night before and coming out unscathed, my fear of meeting Inge in person was minimal.

We had a wonderful day! Inge gave us a fantastic tour of her city and fun was had by all. Here are a few pictures. Click for more details.

The fun didn’t end there though! At the end of the day we took the train back into Amsterdam where King’s Day was in full swing. We walked through the city where we would meet up with Alex, another good buddy from the internets. It was a full day of all sorts of fun.