I’m a beautiful being of light. (and so are you)  

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Amsterdam Bikes

I want to thank you for your good thoughts, virtual hugs, and comments on my last post. It all really helps so much. Much more than you probably realize. I am very grateful for my internet friends. I have missed posting photos on Blatherskite and I think I am going to start doing that again. […]

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Right Action

“Even if the whole Universe is all a bunch of jerks doing jerk-type things, there’s still liberation in simply not being a jerk.” – Dogen I love the Brad Warner translation of Dogen. It actually makes him (Dogen) understandable.

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On happiness

Things for me, lately, have been overwhelming. I am going through some stress and, unfortunately, I don’t do stress very well. I have recently learned that I am a Highly Sensitive Person. Actually, this is something that I’ve known about myself all of my life, I am just finding out that there is a name […]

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